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Wouldn’t it be great if the people you work with were open and accepting of differences – cultural, religious, gender... And they acted in respectful ways and used respectful language? Yes indeed. It IS possible! The very reason Highborn Communications exists is to help workplaces become kinder, gentler places where people actually enjoy working and feel valued and supported.

We increase your understanding of gender diversity, and guide you through creating a culture of equality and respect. Our expertise in training, coaching and mediating addresses the issues that arise in when respect is not a cultural practice. Policies, programs and people ... all work together to shape a culture of respect!

"Organizations are liable for any discrimination and harassment that happens."
Ontario Human Rights Commission
"A high percentage of trans people have post-secondary education, but the majority are living below the poverty line."
Trans PULSE Project 2010
"Ignorance is not bliss. It can be a million dollar law suit."
Suzanne Sherkin, CPO,
Highborn Communications


Although our main focus is to bring gender equality and awareness to workplaces, we also can assist
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 As a Mediator, it is important for me to attend as many workshops and seminars as possible to ensure my professional growth and relevancy in the industry.  On more than one occasion, I have had the pleasure of attending a workshop moderated by Suzanne Sherkin.  Ms. Sherkin’s style as a moderator is perhaps the best that I have ever experienced.  In many workshops, particularly involving panel discussions, the participant speakers will provide what they feel is information of interest to the audience, rather than what the topic really is about.  I find that Ms. Sherkin has the ability to not only focus participant speakers on the topic of the workshop, but summarize what has been said that makes the information completely understandable and relevant.  Additionally, Ms. Sherkin ensures the success of the workshop or seminar by providing focus on key concepts, and identifying, if not creating, memorable phrases or concepts around the content brought forward by the presenters. 

I would without reservation recommend Ms. Sherkin as a moderator in any forum, and look forward to being a participant in more of her sessions over coming years.

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John Box, Q. Med. - Windsor, Ontario -
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