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Gender Awareness

Why Highborn for trans support

Suzanne, Chief Presentation Officer of Highborn, is the mother of a transgender son. The experience of supporting her child through the process of transitioning has given her a deeply personal understanding of the trans journey, and an ability to support others in their journey.

Suzanne has integrated her insights with her decades of experience in Workplace Communications, Mental Health, and Conflict Management to help workplaces become more accepting and supportive of the issues of gender diversity.

She works with numerous public and private sector organizations, coaching and supporting management and staff to shift them into greater awareness in their attitudes and behaviours at work.

Gender awareness in the workplace

Transgender is an umbrella term that describes someone whose gender identity or expression does not match the gender they were assigned at birth. People who describe themselves as transgender – or simply trans – include female-to-male, male-to-female, or gender variations that fall somewhere along the gender spectrum.

Gender awareness is a new topic in many workplaces, and it’s quickly becoming a louder discussion. But there are gaps in understanding and a lack of dialogue – and that often translates into misinformation. Misinformation can easily lead to disrespect of fundamental human rights.

Discrimination, bias and outright rejection of trans people is well documented. Their unemployment rates are significantly higher than the national average. Their stats for mental illness, depression, suicide and targeted homicide are also high.  It was only in 2012 that the Ontario Human Rights Code made it illegal to discriminate against someone in the workplace because of gender identity or gender expression.

How we help your workplace thrive

Our Transgender Awareness in the Workplace training is not about challenging personal or religious beliefs. It is about looking at values of tolerance and acceptance. Our goal is to help your workplace thrive with a culture of equality and respect.

When staff don’t feel supported, there’s disengagement, lower productivity, and a higher risk of bullying. When they do feel supported, there’s a culture of engagement and respect.  A psychologically safe workplace means people feel supported and valued.

We help your workplace develop a culture where everyone thrives. Here’s what we provide to staff and management teams:

  • Information sessions

    Providing understanding and insight into gender diversity for staff and management

  • Coaching for staff and management

    Helping management and co-workers develop strategies to support transitioning colleagues

  • Coaching for employees in transition

    Supporting employees integrating into the workplace – before, during and after transitioning

Contact Suzanne.  Her insight, personal knowledge and experience in this field can help your workplace thrive – and create a culture of support and respect.

Workshops from Highborn Communications 

Highborn Communications offers a series of workshops that provide leaders and teams with insights and strategies to create more harmony and trust at work. Workshops can be tailored to one hour, half day, or full day. 

These workshops will benefit your company: 

Transgender awareness in the workplace: creating a culture of respect

Gender awareness is a new topic in many workplaces, and it's quickly becoming a louder discussion. Likely in your workplace there are gaps in understanding and a lack of dialogue – and that often translates into misinformation. Misinformation can easily lead to disrespect of fundamental human rights. 

This informative workshop is presented by a parent of a child who has transitioned from female to male. She understands the journey and can provide insight, understanding and strategies for creating a culture of equality and respect in your workplace. 

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My session with Suzanne helped me to organize my thoughts, create a succinct message and gather tools that would help me to present with confidence. 

Blaine Pearson Vancouver, BC
Book Suzanne for WORKSHOPS and COACHING tailored to your staff and management.

She helps people SPEAK so others will listen, and LISTEN so others will speak.
The RESULT: improving communications ... one conversation at a time.

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