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My session with Suzanne helped me to organize my thoughts, create a succinct message and gather tools that would help me to present with confidence. 

Blaine Pearson - Vancouver, BC

Suzanne's workshop was practical and applicable to day-day-life. She is extremely encouraging and upbeat. Thanks for keeping me focused and re-energized.

Navin Motwani - Toronto, ON

Suzanne is a savvy broadcaster and consummate communicator. She has the ability to ask relevant questions and then really listen for the responses. She is not only clever, but charming and witty to boot!

Peggy Grall - President, Peggy Grall & Associates

Suzanne is an excellent teacher and coach for the experienced business executive who needs a refresher in selling himself and his product.

Brian Smith - Vice President, Health Care Services, Cirus

Suzanne is a ray of sunshine and a wealth of information all at the same time. Her workshops and radio shows bring unique insight into the world of effective communicating, networking and simply getting things done in a more professional and results-oriented manner. I've worked with Suzanne for quite awhile now, and I would recommend her highly in any capacity.

Douglas Rickel - Social Media and Network Consultant

Suzanne is a consummate professional with a winning personality to boot. Her expertise in the areas of communications, marketing and public speaking are top-notch, but most importantly, she bring a natural ability that is simply rare and thus extremely effective. I would recommend Suzanne to anyone looking for positive results.

Murray Goldsmith - Motivational Speaker & Stress Management Consultant

Suzanne had the ability to recognize the nature of our organization and to mold a program that took us in progressive steps towards our goal - not the goals described in trade publications 

Sandy Douglas - CHRP, Director of Human Resources & Security, Exhibition Place

Suzanne did a great job as the closing speaker at the Canadian Institute of Management's Toronto full-day event. She has a first-rate ability to connect with an audience, thanks to her energy and enthusiasm.

Mike Aoki - Reflective Keynotes Inc.

Suzanne is an extremely gifted speaker and trainer. She has a wonderful way of truly connecting with people. In my view, she's a rising star in the speaking business.

Cathleen Filmore - Director, Speakers Gold Bureau

Our staff retreat with Suzanne was an extremely valuable team-building day that provided all of the participants with ample opportunity to identify and strategize around some key communication and organizational skills that had become challenging. Suzanne has an engaging and creative style that enables trust to be established quickly and promotes the honest discussion of critical areas of concern and growth. I strongly endorse her strategic orientation and presentation skills and would recommend her to any group addressing workplace issues.

Karen Letofsky - Executive Director, Distress Centres

Working with Suzanne has been a privilege. I value her energy, creative spirit, and extraordinary competence in all that she undertakes. She is not satisfied with the status quo for herself and continually evolves her reach to connect and add value to all that she encounters. She has enriched my world just by being part of it. A highly credible professional with heart.

Jan Herington - 

"Suzanne Sherkin is the best." 
"Suzanne gave very informative and valuable tips in the Conquering Public Speaking session." 
"I now know more about how to effectively communicate to different audiences and styles." 
"I was able to learn my communication style and what will work best for me." 

Participants from the Ontario Ministry of Labour - 

 As a Mediator, it is important for me to attend as many workshops and seminars as possible to ensure my professional growth and relevancy in the industry.  On more than one occasion, I have had the pleasure of attending a workshop moderated by Suzanne Sherkin.  Ms. Sherkin’s style as a moderator is perhaps the best that I have ever experienced.  In many workshops, particularly involving panel discussions, the participant speakers will provide what they feel is information of interest to the audience, rather than what the topic really is about.  I find that Ms. Sherkin has the ability to not only focus participant speakers on the topic of the workshop, but summarize what has been said that makes the information completely understandable and relevant.  Additionally, Ms. Sherkin ensures the success of the workshop or seminar by providing focus on key concepts, and identifying, if not creating, memorable phrases or concepts around the content brought forward by the presenters. 

I would without reservation recommend Ms. Sherkin as a moderator in any forum, and look forward to being a participant in more of her sessions over coming years.

JM Box Consulting Services

John Box, Q. Med. - Windsor, Ontario - 
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