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Effective Communication

Effective Communication Skills for Teams and Leaders

Be heard, land the sale, get the YES you’re looking for. Highborn Communications can help you develop the art and skill of becoming a great communicator.

No doubt you’re pretty good at what you do – you may even be an expert in your field, and you’re proud of it!  But be honest …   are you as successful as you want to be? Do you have the skills to INFLUENCE your clients and colleagues. Can you PERSUADE them to make a decision? Do people around you feel they can TALK to you and that you’re really LISTENING. Can you WOW people with your ideas when it’s your turn to make a presentation?

  • Discover your personal communication style, and learn to identify the style of others
  • Learn strategies for organizing your ideas into a  persuasive presentation
  • Get tips for thinking quickly on your feet
  • Develop techniques for making your own presentation style more effective
  • Find new approaches for writing with more clarity

 In-class workshop, online webinar, and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Presentation Skills

Whether you’re talking on the phone, presenting your ideas at a meeting or selling yourself in a job interview, communicating with confidence is the key to your success.

  • Conquer your fear of public speaking — master your words, tone and body language
  • Organize your thoughts, even under pressure
  • Feel confident every time you speak — at the podium or at the water cooler
  • Understand your own communication style
  • Know how to prepare for your audience.
  • Learn strategies for keeping your audience engaged

Learn the Communication skills you need to be get the success you want!

Workshops from Highborn Communications 

Highborn Communications offers a series of workshops that provide leaders and teams with insights and strategies to create more harmony and trust at work. Workshops can be tailored to one hour, half day, or full day. 

These workshops will benefit your company: 

Communication styles 101: less conflict more teamwork 

Ever been on a team where things just didn't go well – where people were at cross purposes, where feelings were hurt and deadlines missed? One of the keys to developing a great team is to understand the different communication style and create an environment that allows for everyone's best results. 

Learn how to identify the four key communication styles, and understand the motivators behind each style. Learn the art and skill of communicating so things get done faster, better and more collaboratively. 

Conquer the fear of public speaking: shine in your meetings and interviews 

Whether you're trying to nab the job interview or give a presentation to your team, your boss or your client, you want to be effective. Being effective means speaking so that people listen to you and value what you say, AND it means listening so that people feel heard. 

This interactive workshop teaches the art and skill of speaking to 1 or 100 people. We get to the core of your public speaking fears so that you can develop the skills you need to be strong and successful.

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Our staff retreat with Suzanne was an extremely valuable team-building day that provided all of the participants with ample opportunity to identify and strategize around some key communication and organizational skills that had become challenging. Suzanne has an engaging and creative style that enables trust to be established quickly and promotes the honest discussion of critical areas of concern and growth. I strongly endorse her strategic orientation and presentation skills and would recommend her to any group addressing workplace issues.

Karen Letofsky Executive Director, Distress Centres
Book Suzanne for WORKSHOPS and COACHING tailored to your staff and management.

She helps people SPEAK so others will listen, and LISTEN so others will speak.
The RESULT: improving communications ... one conversation at a time.

Contact Suzanne directly - suz@highborncommunications.com 416-414-6552