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Mental Health in the Workplace

When mental health illness occurs in the workplace, the result is often a reaction to complex barriers and challenges for employees, employers, clients and customers. Workplace conversations can become hushed as co-workers share theories regarding the final straw that caused the employee to experience the “breakdown”.  No one is quite sure what to say and what NOT to say.  Colleagues aren’t sure if they should avoid or engage with the person who’s suffering. Management often doesn’t know how to address the situation in a supportive way.

The employee who’s experiencing a decline in mental health may feel shame and guilt. They often share the same misperceptions and judgments their peers are expressing -- that they’re weak and no longer fully capable of doing the work.

So how DO you handle mental health challenges in the workplace … when it’s YOU who’s suffering … when it’s YOUR COLLEAGUE who’s having difficulty managing the work … when it’s YOUR STAFF MEMBER whose performance has clearly changed.

At Highborn Communications, we understand how the challenges of declining challenges mental health can affect the wellbeing and balance of life – at home and at work. We can help with strategies and support.

Workshops from Highborn Communications 

Highborn Communications offers a series of workshops that provide leaders and teams with insights and strategies to create more harmony and trust at work. Workshops can be tailored to one hour, half day, or full day. 

These workshops will benefit your company: 

Mental health awareness in the workplace: insights and strategies 

With 1 out of every 4 people affected in some way by mental illness – all of us will either experience a mental health issue or know someone who is. 

This workshop will help you recognize when someone you work with may be struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges, and give you strategies to comfortably address it. You and your team will gain insight into mental illness and learn communication approaches to help address issues when the person struggling is someone else, and when the person struggling is you. 

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