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Making Words Work ... A Day of Transformative Thinking

Words matter. They are our brand. They define us. They have the power to make or break relationships. They are the bridge between our beliefs, our choices, and the image we present to the world.

Being a steward of words is not only a conscious choice – it’s an imperative for creating success in your life.

If your life involves words, then this workshop is for you.­­­­­ If your personal mandate for living involves taking responsibility for the words you use, then this workshop is for you.

This full-day workshop is no conventional experience. You won’t be simply sitting and listening, You WILL be actively engaged with others in dialogue, reflection, and sharing revelations about the power of words and how they shape each and every relationship – in your working life, your personal life and inner life.

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What you’ll take away from this workshop:

  • Greater insight into how your words reflect your inner dialogue
  • Deeper understanding of how to speak your truth by connecting your words to your beliefs
  • New awareness of the impact  your words have on others
  • Much, much more …

Who should attend:

Anyone who uses words to create relationships in the course of their life or work. In short, this workshop is for YOU!

Date/Location of the workshop:

Saturday, November 14, 2015
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
300 Bloor Street West, McClure Room, Toronto M5S 1W3


Workshop fee:

 $225. + GST -- Registration by October 30

 $275. + GST  -- Registration after October 30

Contact information:

For more information contact Suzanne Sherkin directly at 416-414-6552 / suz@highborncommunications.com

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Your Workshop Facilitators

Bunny Macfarlane, C.Med

Bunny Macfarlane holds the designation of Chartered Mediator, a national designation which speaks to the extent of her training and experience in the field of dispute resolution. She is a mediator, arbitrator, restorative practitioner, trainer, course designer, lecturer and coach. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the ADR Institute of Ontario and sits on several committees promoting the growth of the organization as well as the national organization, ADR Institute of Canada.

Bunny is listed as a roster mediator for the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program, the International Mediation Institute and has recently been trained in the process of mediating competing rights disputes by the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Bunny Macfarlane began her work in restorative practices in 1997 as a victim-offender mediator. Her passion for Restorative Justice developed as she became Chair of the Restorative Justice Section of the ADR Institute and as an Instructor at Brock University, offering first year university students’ alternatives to conflict that include a wide range of restorative practices.  She is a lead Circle Keeper at Peacebuilders International and has trained and led conferences for the local Youth Justice Committee through the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Bunny is presently facilitating legislation-based mediations at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. 

Suzanne Sherkin, Q.Med

For more than 20 years Suzanne has been working with teams and leaders to increase their communication consciousness, and develop their ability to solve workplace conflicts.

A  Qualified Mediator, Certified Conflict Management Coach, Certified Facilitator, Program Developer, Public Speaker and President of Highborn Communications, Suzanne delivers communication strategies that improve workplace performance across all industry sectors.

In her workshop series, ‘Present Yourself with Power’, she’s trained leaders to speak to the media so they don’t lose their cool or their job, and has coached business owners to be poised and powerful in front of audiences. Suzanne has helped many, many employees, students, union leaders, teachers and administrators become more conscious, creative and confident communicators.

Suzanne is a Co-Chair of the Workplace Section of the ADR Institute of Ontario, a Mediator with St. Stephen’s Community House, a Mediation Coach with ADR Chambers, a roster mediator with Morneau Shepell and Homewood Health, and a member of the United Way Speakers Bureau. 

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"Suzanne Sherkin is the best." 
"Suzanne gave very informative and valuable tips in the Conquering Public Speaking session." 
"I now know more about how to effectively communicate to different audiences and styles." 
"I was able to learn my communication style and what will work best for me." 

Participants from the Ontario Ministry of Labour
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She helps people SPEAK so others will listen, and LISTEN so others will speak.
The RESULT: improving communications ... one conversation at a time.

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