Better Communication Strategies for the Digital Age

According to Statistics Canada, in 2013 89% of enterprises stated they used the Internet. The use of Internet-enabled mobile devices rose 13% to a total of 60% as more people acquired smart phones and tablets. With statistics like these, there is little doubt that technology is exploding and professions need to learn better communication strategies … Read More

How to Recognize a Depressed Co-Worker and What to Do

Your co-worker suddenly seems withdraw and nonresponsive. You aren’t sure if you should intrude. Is the person depressed or just reflecting on some things? The last thing you want to do is intrude if it is just a passing mood. Knowing how to recognize a depressed co-worker and what to do, however, just might save … Read More

5 Rules for Conflict Management

Whether you are in charge of a group of workers or you simply want to be better able to handle conflicts when they come up, knowing the basic 5 rules for conflict management is something that will come in handy. The next time you face difficult people or a difficult situation, you’ll know exactly what … Read More