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Managing Conflict

How much time and productivity is your organization losing through unresolved conflict? Likely a LOT! 

Unresolved conflict is one of the TOP challenges in the workplace – everywhere in the world! Conflict increases stress, decreases productivity, and leads to disengagement and health issue. Issues with staff, with management and between staff and management need to get addressed ... they don't go away by themselves! 

Scads of international research has shown, beyond doubt, that unresolved conflict in a workplace is a key factor in bullying, harassment, absenteeism and illness. Mental health issues arise more frequently with unresolved conflict, and accidents are more likely to take place. Unresolved conflict is not only bad for business, it's bad for our health! 

Highborn Communications can help shift all that. We work with leaders and teams to get to the root of issues and create lasting resolution. We do this through mediation practices and with proven techniques of Conflict Coaching. We get to resolution ... one conversation at a time. 

Highborn Communications can help your workplace regain a sense of health, trust and harmony. 

  • Resolve conflicts as they arise 
  • Skills for management and staff to facilitate difficult conversations 
  • Create an atmosphere of engagement and trust. 

Workshops and conflict coaching specific to your workplace needs.

Workshops from Highborn Communications 

Highborn Communications offers a series of workshops that provide leaders and teams with insights and strategies to create more harmony and trust at work. Workshops can be tailored to one hour, half day, or full day. 

These workshops will benefit your company: 

Don't want to ground down by workplace conflicts? Don't be. 

Working in an environment filled with conflict is no fun. Whether expressed as anger or silence, unresolved conflict can be hugely disruptive. It limits a team's productivity, erodes working relationships, and makes people sick – literally – with anxiety. Unresolved conflicts don't away on their own. They need skillful attention. 

In this interactive workshop, you'll get insight into why people get into disputes and why they let it fester into full blown conflicts. You'll also learn how to use these insights to apply to useful strategies to prevent conflicts from happening, and to deal with them when they do exist. The result: a return of trust and harmony to your workplace. 

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My session with Suzanne helped me to organize my thoughts, create a succinct message and gather tools that would help me to present with confidence. 

Blaine Pearson Vancouver, BC
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She helps people SPEAK so others will listen, and LISTEN so others will speak.
The RESULT: improving communications ... one conversation at a time.

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